BAD FORM: Man Kills Own Mother After Failing to Identify… and NO CHARGES

TACOMA, WA — A mother was shot and killed while seemingly trying to break and enter into her son’s home, The News Tribune reports. She wasn’t however — according to reports, the two were very close.

That didn’t stop the panicked Jullian Anderson-Randlefrom shooting her multiple times before identifying his target.

After all that, he was apparently so terrified and remorseful that prosecutors declined to press charges against him, claiming that it was a time for “compassion.”

As The News Tribune reports:

Officers arrived at the home in the 5300 block of East N Street, and found 63-year-old Rhonda Randle dead with multiple gunshot wounds. They also heard Anderson-Randle, 28, screaming that he’d killed his mother and that he had thought he was being robbed, the Prosecutor’s Office said. He reportedly told investigators that he heard someone on his porch and thought that person was trying to break into his home.

He fired to protect himself, he said, and afterward realized he had shot his mother.

“There is a time for accountability and a time for compassion,” Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said in a statement. “Homicide Chief Jared Ausserer and I met with the family Tuesday. After listening to them and considering all the circumstances, we believe this shooting was a horrible accident. Criminal charges would not serve any constructive purpose for the community.”

Anderson-Randle was expected to be released Wednesday, the statement said.

Andre Hill of Tacoma told The News Tribune that he was playing video games at his house with Anderson-Randle until 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, a couple hours before the shooting. Hill said Anderson-Randle was “very tired” when he headed home.

“He doesn’t drink or do drugs or anything like that,” Hill said.

Hill believes Anderson-Randle was startled by his mom and panicked.

“He loved his mom unconditionally,” Hill said.

Hill has been friends with Anderson-Randle for eight years and calls him “a really, really good guy.”

Listen — there isn’t a man or woman here who doesn’t get it. Anderson-Randle was exhausted, startled, and reacted faster than he ought to, and it cost a life. It’s pitiable, but something for which a person needs to be held accountable.

I’m baffled that no charges were pressed.

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