Two Thugs Attempts Fast Food Robbery, Employees Join In on the Fun


MILLFORD, CT — A pair of would-be robbers have been arrested in connection to a Smashburger heist that resulted not only in their capture, but the arrest of two employees, as well.

Apparently, the thugs served as an inspiration that day.

As WTNH reports:

According to police, (Royshon) Ferguson and (Gregory) McLaurin entered the restaurant armed with a .22 caliber handgun and ordered all workers and customers into the kitchen.

While in the kitchen, McLaurin allegedly told the manager to open the safe or he would shoot her in the head. The manager then opened the safe and McLaurin began taking money out, while Ferguson went back to the front of the restaurant to empty the cash registers. That’s when police say a permitted pistol carrying customer saw the opportunity to change the situation. The customer drew his firearm and pointed it out McLaurin, who then panicked and ran.

The customer chased McLaurin until he ran out of the building and left Ferguson behind. The customer then approached Ferguson, who also allegedly panicked. The customer said he was then able to hold Ferguson down and knock the gun out of his hand. Ferguson did manage to get away however, and ran out of the building.

Police say both McLaurin and Ferguson ran from the area on foot but were later caught by police(.)

But wait, it gets better. The two thugs were not the only ones arrested for the events of the day.

Two Smashburger employees were arrested, as well. Apparently, the two thought the robbery was a perfect opportunity to give themselves a much-deserved pay raise. The thugs left some money behind from the safe when the robbery went bad, and the employees helped themselves.

That’s a whole new level of dumb.

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