Husband Fatally Shot After Fight Over Handgun He Pointed At His Wife During Fight

PAISLEY, FLORIDA – A man was shot dead by his wife after pointing a gun at her during a fight, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies were summoned to the couple’s home on Veva Avenue around 9 p.m. Friday for a reported domestic disturbance.

Upon arrival, they found Chris Smith, 31, dead from an apparent gunshot wound. Smith’s wife, Marina McDonald, was also in the home and spoke with LCSO detectives. She told them that they had been involved in a physical altercation when her husband pointed a gun at her.

She attempted to take the gun away from him, which led to a struggle for control of the firearm, during which Smith was fatally wounded. The report did not say if McDonald admitted to pulling the trigger. The investigation is continuing. Other than saying that McDonald had that appear to be “consistent with a physical altercation,” no further details were released.

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