Hands On With SIG SAUER’s New P365 Micro-Compact Pistol [SHOT Show 2018]

When SIG SAUER announced their new P365 concealed carry pistol a couple of weeks back, they called their new striker-fired gun “the ultimate concealed carry pistol.” That’s a high bar to set. But when we finally got our hands on one on the SHOT Show floor today, we had to concede that they may have something here.

The P365 is, in almost every measure, the same size as a GLOCK 43 or a Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD M2.0. But the big difference is capacity. The GLOCK holds 6+1 rounds and the SHIELD 7+1. The P365 somehow stuffs 10+1 rounds in that very compact package and racks easily.

And while we’ve only dry-fired it, the trigger feels excellent with a short, tactical reset. It’s easily better than the GLOCK (which I carry daily) and may rival the improved bangswitch on the the updated SHIELD. We can’t wait to get one out on the range.

At $599 MSRP, the SIG will drain your wallet $70 to $120 dollars more than either of the other two. But for two or three more rounds, plenty of gun owners will make that tradeoff. Will you?

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