Man’s Bullet Ricochets Off Car And Into His Shoulder As He Tries To Stop Car Thieves

FT. WORTH, TEXAS — A man looking to stop a few car thieves wound up on the receiving end of his own bullet in a weird ricochet that took place after he fired at the vehicle.

Ricochets do happen, we all know, but this one just has ‘unlucky’ written all over it.

Local media reports;

According to police, the man saw a person trying to break into the vehicle parked in the 5200 block of Rutland Avenue shortly before 1 a.m. He fired multiple shots at the man, who escaped unharmed, police said.

A bullet fragment apparently ricocheted back and struck the man in his shoulder. Paramedics transported him to a hospital for treatment.

 That’s some bad luck.

One of the suspects was captured by police, but they are still trying to find another two or three people believed to be involved.

This (could be) one of those incidents where it’s questionable to shoot. Were they on their way out? Was it too dark to see? The variables are endless, but it could have also been a completely justified shoot. I mention it because, rather often, we report on car thieves being shot at while they’re leaving, which can land the responsible citizen in hot water.

I don’t make the rules, so don’t complain to me.

Either way, we hope that the armed citizen is able to quickly recover from his injuries, and we also hope that the other people responsible for the attempted theft are caught and brought to justice.

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