Burglar Held At Gunpoint While Attempting Break-in


ELKVIEW, W.V. — When one burglar attempted to pull of an easy score at a local home, he was caught and held at gunpoint until police arrived.

Funnily enough, when held at gunpoint he was more than happy to rat out his four friends  hiding in the woods…

They didn’t have very good days, either.

As WSAZ reports:

It happened at a home along Frame Road in Elkview. When deputies got to the home (Charles) Thomas tried to run. Kanahwa County deputies caught him and charged him with breaking and entering. It was also discovered he was wanted on outstanding warrants for similar crimes in Marion County.

While Thomas was being held by the homeowner he mentioned that there were four other people in the woods. According to deputies Jessie Hall, 30, of Clendenin, is charged with arson after setting a jeep she previously owned on fire Thursday.

Brittany S. Greene, 23, of Loudendale, Krystal M. Smith, 22, of Charleston, and Dameon J. Forney, 40, of the Coopers Creek area of Kanawha County, are all charged with transferring and receiving stolen property.

Deputies say they had items stolen from a business in the Kanahwa State Forest area in their pockets.

Listen, no one here is on Thomas’ side.

But dude — why in the world did you tell the homeowner you had friends hiding out in the woods?

Criminals are more often than not as dumb as they come. Hats off tho this homeowner for helping take five more of the off the streets, at least for now.

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