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Couple Escapes Robbery And Kidnapping After Quick Response From Husband

FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS — In an action movie turned real life, a couple found themselves held at gunpoint inside their own home, and eventually forced into their vehicle and told to drive.

The couple’s daughter, Alexis Cox, told a local news outlet about the terrifying incident, and how her father was able to ultimately end the ordeal with his firearm.

“My dad was standing in the driveway when a man approached him,” said Cox. “He was wearing a mask, so all you could see were his eyes.”

Cox explained that the suspect demanded large sums of money from Moore, forcing him inside his home at gunpoint. Once inside the home, the suspect took Lou Moore’s arm, and dragged her into a car with her husband.

“He told my parents, if you flee, I will shoot you. If you crash on purpose, I will shoot you,” said Cox. “Fortunately, my dad has a gun license and had just moved a gun into the car a few days earlier.”

At this point, there was a moment of “Now I can make my move”, and the father did what he could to stop this masked man from continuing his dangerous encounter.

“The man was in the back seat of the car, my parents in front, when all of a sudden he starts screaming for his phone,” Cox stated. During the commotion, Jerry Moore, reached for his gun.

“The man must have heard the safety click, because he lunged at my dad and started biting his arms as hard as he could,” Cox exclaimed. “The man’s hands were on my dad’s, trying to get control of the gun. My dad was able to adjust his hands and shoot the man, then threw him out of the car.”

Bravo, Sir. Bravo.

They immediately called 911 while on the way to the hospital to treat the bite wound.

The suspect was not identified, but was listed in serious condition at the hospital as a result of being shot by an armed citizen.

Standing in your driveway isn’t a place where you would usually feel threatened. Cox, with a concealed carry permit from Arkansas, will hopefully carry his firearm with him from now on. The escalation of this incident could have been avoided had Cox been armed from the beginning, but we’re still incredibly proud of his quick actions and smart thinking during this intense situation.

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