Anti-Gunner Stuns Thousands With Ignorance- Why We Must Educate the Public

We struggle, every day, with those who do not understand our rights, and who want them taken away.

We voice our opinions in the polls, and we voice our opinions when we get the chance to talk with those of different worldviews.

But sometimes, there are just some folks that are a little far-gone for anything like rational discourse.

Take Twitter user Jennifer, for example, who in 2014 made a claim so outrageous that I had to read through her feed to make sure she wasn’t a satire page.

With all my heart, I wish she were.

Most folks know — even those not too gun-savvy — that the “47” in AK-47 correlates to a date. That’s not too hard to deduce.

Apparently, Jennifer didn’t catch that.

Just look at all the dumb. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen.

Now, folks, there’s no reason for this person — or anyone else — to believe this.

Of course, there’s no good reason for most anti-gun folks to be anti-gun. If they had all the facts, they wouldn’t be anti-gun in the first place.

It should not be our responsibility to educate those around us bout all the good stuff surrounding the Second Amendment, but if we don’t do so — those are still people who vote, and make really long Facebook rants that get shared, and eventually folks on social media fall under impression that those rants compose public opinion.

It’s dumb, but that’s how a large portion of Americans work, now, and we have to work against it.

And the way we do that is education.

What do you think about this tweet, and any obligation we have to educate the public about firearms? Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know!

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