Counselor Brings Gun To School, Everyone Freaks Out. It Never Left Her Car.

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA — Some parents and faculty are losing their minds after a counselor brought a firearm onto school property. I’m not defending illegal action (having a firearm on school property), but the response just seems a little… excessive.

From cbslocal.com;

School officials say they received a tip that a counselor at the school had a gun in her car. Police investigated and arrested 55-year-old Anita Scott. Although they do not know why she brought the gun, they say having a weapon on school grounds is a felony under California state law.

“We do want parents and community members to know that the weapon was never brought out and shown to any student or employee,” said Linda Bardere of San Bernardino City Unified. “It was inside a locked vehicle.”

“Let’s do this; if it’s not a big deal, let’s just make it a big deal.”

That’s how I envision the conversation going, once a firearm was found to be inside of a locked vehicle in a school parking lot.

Some parents are with me, saying that the entire thing is being blown out of proportion.

But then, we have those who will bring up past incidents and want to throw that information out as much as they can.

But others say the shooting at another San Bernardino school this spring shows how important it is to protect students. And they’re glad the district is taking action.

Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that, maybe, this counselor wanted to have a firearm close by? Well, as close as possible, seeing as she wasn’t about to carry it into the school. Maybe, just maybe, a firearm in the hands of an armed faculty member would be a damn good thing to have around… you know… if someone wanted to come into the school and start shooting people?

That’s my two cents, which isn’t worth anything to the other side.

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