#DIGTHERIG – Brian and his Glock 43 in a LAS Concealment Ronin 2.0 Holster


I carry a Glock 43, with a plus 2 magazine extension, in the AIWB position in a LAS Concealment Ronin 2.0 rig.

This holster:

  1. Is specifically made for the appendix/abdominal carry position, the quickest to draw from and easiest to defend against taking away.
  2. Is made of Kydex, allowing a smooth, quick draw in any climate and sturdy opening when re-holstering.
  3. Is custom molded to the exact model of gun, keeping a thinner profile making it easier to conceal. I can wear with t-shirt and shorts in summer without printing.
  4. Provides secure, adjustable tension with the custom mold.
  5. Keeps gun in the same place all day during activity allowing for consistent repeatable draw.
  6. Keeps spare magazine securely in same location near gun (which is only practical with appendix carry)
  7. Has a ‘wing’ near belt clip that helps keep gun pushed against the body for better concealment.
  8. Has belt clips that secure it on the belt and doesn’t let it slip or ride up.
  9. Is pretty comfortable and doesn’t pinch or poke when seated.
  10. Goes on and off the belt pretty easily

For me, it doesn’t get much better, but I’m always looking.

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