*WARNING: GRAPHIC* Burmese Python Shot After Woman Finds It Eating Goat In Florida

NAPLES, FLORIDA — A woman, who owns a herd of goats, wondered why her farm was missing some of those goats. She didn’t have to wonder for too long, because she eventually stumbled upon the answer: a Burmese Python with a goat in it’s mouth.

In the video below, you can see when the woman, Rachel Elizabeth Valverde of Naples, Florida, stumble upon the python while walking the property. As a result of the find, she fired upon the snake with her pistol.

If you are unable to view the video below, click here.

The Burmese Python is obviously not native to Florida, but there are an estimated tens of thousands of them slithering around. As the Florida National Park Service states, they’re here because of irresponsible owners.

From NPS.gov;

In recent years, snakes from around the world have been turning up in and around Everglades National Park. Burmese pythons, one of the largest snake species on earth, are now known to be breeding in the park and spreading throughout south Florida. Originally from southeast Asia, Burmese pythons are now frequently found in south Florida. More than 2,000 pythons have been removed from the park and surrounding areas since 2002, likely representing only a fraction of the total population.

The population of Burmese pythons presently established in the park is the result of accidental and/or intentional releases by pet owners.

While many argue that the shooting of this snake wasn’t right, it should be reminded that this occurred on her property with one of her animals. Had the python been devouring a child, would the tune change?

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