Man Goes Back To Apologize After Kicking In Woman’s Door Hours Earlier, Is Then Detailed By Armed Neighbors

DUNNELLA, FLORIDA — A man was arrested after returning to a home he broke into mere hours before to apologize, reports the Ocala Star Banner.

According to law enforcement, suspect Anthony Talley said that he just “had a really bad night last night.”

Seems legit.

Apparently, Mr. Talley kicked open the back door of a woman’s home, causing her to flee through the front to her neighbors.

A neighbor armed himself and, when Talley went back to apologize, held the home invader at gunpoint until police arrived.

But according to Talley, he doesn’t even remember actually going into the house.

“I really don’t remember going into her house,” he said according to the Ocala Star Banner.

Even so, another woman in the neighborhood saw Talley and another man walking through the neighborhood and she told them what had happened the night before.

Apparently that, and noticing some scratches on Talley’s arms was all that was needed for him to confess.

He went to the house to apologize, but got arrested for his trouble.

Talley was arrested for burglary of an occupied dwelling and criminal mischief, and also has a pending grand theft case.

So we know he’s had at least two bad days.

I know that there’s really no accounting for what goes on the mind of some criminals, or even some normal people.

But seriously — what was the endgame here?

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