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Mom Charged After Her Child Took Gun From Purse And Fired It Inside Sam’s Club

BOARDMAN, OHIO — Amanda Karr, a 31-year-old mother from Ohio, is facing charges of child endangerment after police say her child gained access to a handgun that was inside her purse. The child then disengaged the safety and fired the gun.

Karr told police that she looked away for a brief period and the child retrieved her gun from a concealed compartment, disengaged the safety and pulled the trigger, according to a police report.

via cbslocal.com

I feel like maybe the safety wasn’t on, and Karr was trying to make it sound… not as bad as it was. Meaning, she was trying to lessen her negligence by saying “Well I had the safety on so I can’t believe this happened.”

Maybe I’m wrong, but I know what I’m not wrong about: Off-body carry is dangerous, especially with children around. Not to mention a purse snatcher.

Lessons are to be learned here, as there is no excuse for something like this to ever happen. Had Karr been carrying on her person, this incident wouldn’t have come to fruition. The age of the child wasn’t made available, but another reminder is to have talks with your children about firearms at an appropriate age.

If you’re going to carry a firearm to defend yourself, we support you. Just be smart about how you’re carrying, who could potentially have access, and make necessary changes to negate anything bad from happening. It is your responsibility.

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