Teen Shoots Two Cops Through Door Believing They Were Intruders


DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A teenager, allegedly believing he was defending his mother and brother, shot through the door with a shotgun and critically wounded a Detroit police officer. Shrapnel from the shotgun blast hit a second officer in the arm. The first officer was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition and the second was evacuated and treated for his injuries.

According to NY Daily News, the teenager, mother, and brother were all taken into custody. The teenager is believed to have called police three times after he believed his house was being targeted for multiple break-in attempts. The 19-year-old was theoretically defending his mother and 14-year-old younger brother.

Understandably, tensions are high after witnessing multiple attempts for intruders to break into a residence. However — and this can’t be stated enough — shooting through doorways is some irresponsible garbage.

Both police officers have less than two years in service. Their announcement of “police” may have meant nothing to the teenager nervously guarding the door but that’s still no excuse.

No word on whether or not that kid will face charges.

Two police officers wounded, no suspects in custody, no idea of who or why.

This is why firearms education is so important. Any effort to help young people growing up understand the importance of proper target recognition, accountability, and the basic tenets of firearms safety are imperative.

Owning and having a firearm in the house is important. Sometimes it is the only line of defense a household has against an unknown variable lurking outside the door. Unfortunately, injuring two police officers — one of whom is critically injured — is inexcusable. Those are people who put their lives on the line every single day to try to serve and protect their communities.

It’s no secret Detroit is a rough city. Violent crime isn’t quite Chicago but it’s still a far stretch from being right. Armed citizenry, willing, able, and educated to defend themselves and their family are a net bonus to deterring violent crime. However, when they do irresponsible acts — such as wounding people coming to protect them — it’s a blatant show of disrespect for the firearm, the people who are sworn to protect and serve, and the firearms-owning community at large.

Remember, folks: if you don’t teach your child about firearm safety, there may never be another opportunity. Each and every day brings its own unique challenges. None of us bank on the worst happening. But if just today, you can teach a kid to use a firearm safely and responsibly, you’re helping to save a life.

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