Co-pilot Stopped At Albany International For Trying To Bring Loaded Pistol Through Security

ALBANY, NEW YORK — In what seems to be an unthinkable attempt at bringing a firearm through TSA security, a co-pilot for Southwest Airlines was arrested for doing just that.

The pilot was bound for Chicago and was having his carry-on luggage screened via x-ray. The operator of the machine noticed the pistol, and that’s when the co-pilot’s day changed quickly.

“Well, I just heard it from you,” said Virginia Moser of Middlebury, VT.  “And I was shocked.  But I’m glad that the gun was recovered. And I’m awfully surprised that a pilot would do that.”

“It makes you wonder, though, doesn’t he know the rules, the laws?” said Liz Holub of Saratoga Springs.  “But it’s very good that TSA is up on checking everyone, not just passengers.”

It’s interesting to think that a co-pilot would try such a thing, but it’s also interesting to note what happened on the flight before this attempted boarding.

The co-pilot is from New Orleans, and his flight to Albany from that location was last night. And, he wasn’t screened at the airport of origin.

Gibson’s bag wasn’t screened before his flight from New Orleans to Albany the previous night, according to a Dallas News report.

I am all for pilots carrying firearms on flights, but I am also for following the law. Maybe this man was used to not being screened when going through security, but he should have been well aware that a state like NY wouldn’t look kindly on the fact that he was attempting to board a plane with a firearm.

It’s a SMH moment, but I also wish that the restriction wasn’t there.

In the end, it was an irresponsible decision.

Your thoughts?

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