[VIDEO] One Officer’s Views on Constitutional Carry; Does it make sense in the eyes of Law Enforcement?

Radix Tactical recently published a video on YouTube discussing the thoughts and opinions of Constitutional Carry through the eyes of a Police Officer. Does it make sense? Does he support the idea?

The short; Yes. Of course he can’t speak for every single member of law enforcement around the country, but his points are spot-on.

It’s the age-old argument that will never end, but it’s pretty simple when I dissect the facts, and the facts remain constant throughout.

  • If the bad guy wants to carry a gun illegally, he’s going to do it anyway. There is no regard for the law.
  • Allowing law-abiding citizens to protect themselves is a deterrent to those who wish to commit crimes.
  • Gun Free Zones are Sitting Duck Zones, because those who wish to do harm are well aware of the fact that they will not likely face any significant resistance.

Ah well. We’ll always have people who don’t agree. Give the video above a watch and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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