Report: Support For “Assault Weapons” Ban Plummets, Majority Now Oppose Ban


In a shocking new poll, surveyors found that the majority of respondents were actually opposed to the idea of an “assault weapons” ban, according to Langer Research.

Setting aside the fact that “assault weapon” is a completely made-up term created in hopes of passing gun-restrictive legislation and very few people that advocate for the ban of said firearms can actually define what they want banned, this should still be seen as a huge win.

Assault Weapon Ban Sentiment
Washington Post/ABC News Poll
Courtesy of Meta Chart

For starters, look who did this poll — it’s ABC News and The Washington Post. This isn’t some hackneyed straw poll pulled on Facebook by a group of gun rights advocates. That’s massive.

Additionally, this isn’t just good news because a majority of pollsters were on the side of 2A advocates — in the poll, 47 percent of respondents were in support of a ban and 51 percent were not — but it represents a massive drop in support of the perpetually-looming threat of a ban from 2019 when this group last measured it.

At that time, 56 percent reportedly were in favor of the ban, and 41 percent were opposed.

Looks like 2A folks have something to hang their hats on today.

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