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Homeowner Shoots At Intruder, Tells The News, “We Want Our City Back. We’re Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired.”

JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI — At 3:30 a.m., an occupant of a home discovered a man trying to break into her storage room. That’s when she got a gun and went out to deal with him. He saw which way this would go and wisely decided to flee the scene.

According to the occupant of the home, she walked outside with the gun as the intruder fled to his vehicle and took off. However, he may have picked the wrong neighborhood to try a burglary.

via WAPT News 16

“He hopped in his car and drove the wrong way, and it was a cul-de-sac. He had to come out, and I just stood in the street ready to shoot him, let him know, you know, the city of Jackson, we want our city back. We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired,” the homeowner said. “I shot at him a couple times and then he tried to run me down, and I shot a couple more times. I think they caught him up the street at the church, so maybe he was getting some religion before he goes to jail, I’m hoping.”

I don’t generally advocate people following an intruder after he’s fled. That’s usually the time I’d suggest — if you haven’t already — get on the phone with police and give a good description.

That said, she was obviously fed up with dealing with criminals who felt they have a free pass to other people’s possessions. Can’t really blame her. Not a day goes by on Concealed Nation that I don’t see some criminal doing something abysmally stupid or horrible. The criminals don’t really seem to pause and think if what they’re doing is to the betterment of society or themselves. They obviously don’t care what their victims think. So, I guess I’ve concluded that there’s not much reason to consider their well-being.

A bit harsh, perhaps. People do legitimately make mistakes and have lapses of judgement.

In any case, home owner successfully defended her home and herself and definitely sent out a strong message to other thugs in the area thinking of breaking into homes in her neighborhood. It must be immensely frustrating living in an area that’s gradually (or suddenly) degraded into a violent cesspool of criminal behavior. That feeling of powerlessness is only matched with the constant nagging worry that maybe today (or tonight) is the day that some violent criminal decides your home, your car, your family is all up for grabs.

And for those that suggest, “well, just get used to it” or “move away”… Why do criminals get to decide where we can live and what we can do? If you’ve invested in a home, you’re probably not interested in leaving it. More importantly, as an investment, it only gets worse the more violent an area gets. So, the easiest solution does become carrying a gun for personal protection. It’s not hard. Training is pretty easy.

If you like living where you live, you should live there. If criminals young or old think that’s an open invitation to endanger your life, maybe it’s time you protect yourself. A gun, a holster, some self-defense ammunition, and a couple classes at the local range can go a long way to evening the odds.

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