[VIDEO] Store Clerk Shot In Head After Complying With Robber’s Demands

Some criminals will stop at nothing to get what they want. Even if they get what they’re after, some will still think nothing of shooting someone in the head.

This degenerate from the Atlanta area is being sought by police after he robbed a convenience store on Tuesday morning during a shift change. The clerks are safe behind a bullet-proof shell, however the robber forced his way inside while the two clerks were attempting a shift change.

Once inside, he told the clerk to empty the drawer, which the clerk did. But still, the robber decided to shoot the clerk in the head before making off with $200 in cash. That’s right, $200 and a bullet to the head.

What makes this even more terrifying is that the shooter was very relaxed throughout the entire robbery and had no trouble telling the clerk to get on his knees before shooting him in the head. This is the worst kind of criminal; one that has no regard for life.

The clerk was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center in critical condition. The robber got away and is hopefully found thanks to the high-quality video cameras that the store uses.

Despite a rough first days, doctors now say they expect the clerk to survive.


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