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BAD FORM: Clerk Opens Up Into the Night on Attacker AFTER He’s Run Away

LUMBERTON, NC — In a story that could have well served as an example of how formidable a tool a firearm can be both as an equalizer for women and against armed robbery for all, one clerk decided that once she routed her attacker, she’d fire at him in hopes of scaring him away.

In other words, after she had stepped up and driven off her attacker, she opened herself and everyone else in the area to a whole lot of potential hurt.

As The Fayetteville Observer reports:

It happened about 9 p.m. Monday at the Country Tobacco Oasis store at 2765 Prospect Road. Witness said a man walked into the store wearing a black and camouflage mask over his face, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money, a Sheriff’s Office news release said.

The clerk told the man she had no money, then grabbed her weapon and pointed it at him, prompting the suspect to run out of the store. The clerk followed the would-be robber to the store entrance and fired three shots to scare him away, the release said. The man was no longer on the scene when law enforcement arrived. The Sheriff’s Office is reviewing surveillance video from the store in an effort to identify the man.

For the love of the good Lord Almighty, people, do not fire shots at anyone “to scare” them away. Aside for it being no more effective than the presentation of this lady’s weapon which she had already done, it endangers the lives of everyone within a few hundred yards.

I understand that these situations are unbelievably stressful, but there’s no excuse for this behavior. This is bad form, and it makes us all look bad.

If you shoot, you shoot to kill. That’s not just a movie line. That’s real life.

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