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Uber Driver Fights Back Against Carjacker — Hits A Hotel Bellhop Instead; Real Decisions, Real Consequences

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA — An Uber driver defending himself and his passenger accidentally shot a hotel bellhop that was in the line of fire between him and an alleged carjacker. The bellhop was hit in the hand and is reportedly in stable condition.

According to KXXV News Channel 25, 28-year-old Andre Satcher allegedly held both the Uber driver and his passenger at gunpoint at an intersection with a red light. Both the driver and the passenger complied with Satcher’s request but the driver had a gun of his own. He drew it and fired at Satcher as he attempted to get away. He missed Satcher in his volley of shots but managed to hit a bellhop in the hand.

This all went down at North Rampart and Canal Street but Satcher was apprehended later on when he crashed the vehicle on Canal and Bourbon. Police quickly apprehended him even though he attempted to flee.

Satcher will be charged with crimes relating to the theft and robbery but the District Attorney is still out on whether to charge the Uber driver with shooting the bellhop.

Reality bears consequences. It’s not a huge leap to know that if I pull the trigger of my loaded gun, I can expect a bullet to come out. Now, I’m absolutely positive anyone stuck in a potential life or death situation is going to be terribly keen on putting those bullets on target. The true story of how that plays out, though, is very much different.


Well, in the heat of the moment, we’re still accountable for our actions. Every bullet that leaves that gun has to be accounted for. And if those rounds land in someone not the bad guy, there are consequences.

Obviously, the authorities are weighing the criminal end of this equation but this person can still be legally liable for injuring a bystander. Even if some states push the onus of burden for the event itself onto the criminal, it still doesn’t exonerate the person who shot that other person.

More importantly, think of it this way: you have the right to defend yourself. It doesn’t matter who is attacking. And how in the heck is a person supposed to distinguish between good guy and bad if the rounds are heading his direction?

Mark those rounds well, friend. Carry everyday, defend yourself accordingly, but make sure that trigger isn’t pulled until you’re positive it’s on target.

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