Indiana House Pushing For Permitless Concealed Carry In 2017 — If You Own One, Why Not Be Able To Carry It?

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — It’s a topic that’s been batted around in the Indiana House and Senate and is about to be revived in the 2017 legislative year: permitless concealed carry. At present, Indiana residents must undergo a thorough background check, pistol qualification course, and a waiting period before they can obtain a permit.

via WDRB News

“And I think that’s wrong that people should have to go through all those hoops, and pay the state a fee to exercise a constitutional right,” said State Rep. Jim Lucas (R- Seymour), the bill’s sponsor.

Now, State Rep. Jim Lucas is heading up a bill for the 2017 legislative year that will seek to remove those barriers to law-abiding Indiana residents. Under the proposed legislation, so long as you may legally possess a firearm, you can carry it without a permit.

This is a bit of a repeat of 2016 when a similar bill was proposed and it died. Lucas, last year, proposed to do away with Indiana concealed carry permits. He also proposed House Bill 1055 that would allow a concealed carrier to walk onto any state property with a concealed handgun.

It seems a sticking point throughout Lucas’ political career to this point and it would be great if one of those measures managed to hit pay dirt. As we proceed with the 2017 legislative session, we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on Indiana. Who knows? Perhaps Indiana could be the next state to go constitutional carry.

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