Dude Lured To Home Under False Pretenses, Held At Gunpoint, Uses His Own Gun To Survive Nightmare Scenario


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — The victim was likely thinking he would meet a woman but, instead, he met two armed teenagers trying to rob him at gunpoint. A man was lured to a home by two teenagers pretending to be a woman in an online app called “Meet Up”. Thankfully, he was armed and able to fight back.

According to CBS 4 Indianapolis News, the teenagers had concocted an elaborate trap to get an unsuspecting man to come over to a house and take advantage of that to rob him and potentially more. Using an app called “Meet Up”, they posed as a woman and used that profile to lure in the unsuspecting gun owner. When he arrived, instead of finding the woman of his dreams, he discovered 15-year-old Roshun Johnson with a gun pointed at him.

He initially complied and was getting searched when he was able to take out his own gun and shot Johnson. He then fled the scene and called police, where he reported the incident and turned himself in.

Police believe, though, it was an act of self-defense and no charges have been brought against the gun owner.

Another 14-year-old was fingered as an accomplice in this incident and he may still face charges related to it.

Multiple neighbors and prior police reports suggest that Johnson was a troubled teenager who routinely fired off guns in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood. Neighbors were actually very forthcoming with self-taken cell phone videos of Johnson with other teenagers, indiscriminately firing guns.

And then, Johnson hatched a plan to take his idiocy to the next level. He was going to lure someone in and potentially shoot and kill him to get whatever possessions he had on him. Maybe he didn’t think it that far out. Maybe neither him nor any of the other teenagers in that neighborhood ever did a lot of thinking to begin with. Well, they were in for a rude surprise when they discovered that not every person wants to be potentially shot and killed after being lured to a location under false pretenses.

While we’ve never, in our lives, been excited to see the end of a young teenager’s life, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind — not one — that this kid could have ever turned out to be anything but a danger to society. Because he decided to play loose and fast with guns, he got to find out what facing an actual armed man is like. It would be his first and last time.

Maybe that 14-year-old that helped him will take home an important lesson from all of this. Maybe he’ll tie his laces together in the morning and think, “maybe there’s another way to live life.”

Maybe he won’t. But one thing is for certain: concealed carriers and gun owners are out there and every single one of them wants to live. Challenge that and you will be met with deadly force.

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