At this time in history, we are seeing more people than ever making a choice to carry a gun. When I go to my local range, the firing lanes are packed and the gun counter is three people deep waiting to purchase guns, accessories and ammo. I am watching CCW classes fill quickly as people of all ages are seeking the need to train and educate themselves on various carry guns along with the carry laws of their state. I am particularly encouraged by the number of women and senior citizens who have taken an interest in firearms and self protection. They have made a choice to not be a victim as they watch daily violence occur on the local news that seems to dominate the headlines.

With all of this interest and education happening, many people often ask me, “what is the easiest gun to conceal carry?” Having reviewed hundreds of carry guns, this question is difficult to answer because choosing a carry gun is an individual choice that needs to be taken seriously. I did however recently review on video the Seecamp LWS .32. This gun is the smallest and lightest semi-auto pistol I have ever reviewed. It has an all metal stainless steel body that weighs under 13 ounces fully loaded with six rounds of .32 acp. The LWS .32 has amazing craftsmanship and function. If people are looking for a quality semi-auto pistol that fits light in the pocket, look no further because the Seecamp LWS .32 is for them.


Model: Seecamp LWS .32

Weight w/empty mag: 11.5 oz

Weight w/full mag: 12.75 oz (my scale)

Capacity: 6 + 1

Caliber: .32 ACP

Height: 3.25”

Slide Width: .725”

Grip Width: .86”

Length on Axis: 4.25”

Action: DAO – Retarded Blowback

Trigger Pull: 11.5 lbs

Frame Material: Stainless

Slide Material: Stainless

MSRP – Standard $565.00

MSRP – CA Edition: $595.00

L.W. Seecamp company produces a total of four pistols. They make an LWS .32 acp, LWS .380 acp and a LWS .32 which is a California compliant model of the standard LWS .32. They are also reintroducing the LWS .25. The LWS .25 has been out of production but they decided to bring back their .25 acp model. The pistol featured in this review is the Seecamp LWS .32.

Historically, people had to wait quite a while to get their hands on a Seecamp pistol. It was not uncommon for a customer to wait six months to a year to receive their Seecamp pistol. Through the transformation of the Seecamp company, they have reduced their wait time drastically and people will now be able to receive their Seecamp pistol within a couple weeks.


As mentioned, the Seecamp LWS .32 is a well crafted stainless steel pistol. It is the smallest pistol I own with incredible specs along with a solid feel.

On my scale, the LWS .32 weighs on 12.75 pounds with a full loaded magazine of six rounds of .32 acp. Due to the small size, the magazine release is located below the grip which is known as a “heal release.” The “heal release” suits the gun perfectly. The magazine, which is also stainless steel, houses six rounds and is built sturdy and strong.

It is not a “free fall” system as this is not the type of gun to perform emergency reloads however an excellent choice for deep concealment which could be carried with any style of cloths.


The stainless steel slide is only four inches long and .725 inches wide. It has fairly deep cut serrations in the rear. Due the size of the short slide, I find it easiest to charge the gun using a “sling shot” grasp. A quick pull with the fore finger and thumb will easily rack a round. The slide has a sight hole indicator on top which will clearly display the brass of a loaded round. The slide will also lock when a magazine is not inserted. It can be pulled back a quarter inch to check the chamber but cannot be fully manipulated. This along with a locked trigger serves as a safety feature when the mag is not inserted.

One will also notice that the slide on Seecamp pistols have no sights. It’s designed to be a “point and shoot gun” which also makes it completely snag free. Accuracy with no sights? No problem. As shown in the range video, I was able to hit a 10 inch target with ease from nine yards without any prior practice.


The double action trigger pull measures 11.5 pounds per the Seecamp website. It works in conjunction with the hammer to deliver a full position pull with each shot. I think this trigger action works well with this pistol due to the fact that most people, in my opinion, will choose to pocket carry this gun. The hammer rests flush with the back of the slide and is only exposed when the trigger is pulled. One may think that quick shooting and double taps would be compromised due to the full position trigger reset however I had no issues with that. Actually, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick I could fire the gun with this type of action.

The grips are black plastic sections with a fairly smooth texturing. What I found interesting is by removing the grips and slide, the entire inner workings of the gun are exposed. I was able to do a complete breakdown of the internal components within minutes. The simple design of the Seecamp pistol allows average guys like us to work on the gun, if needed, without needing the expertise of a gunsmith.

Disassembling a Seecamp will require a small punch tool and a .32 acp round or casing. Once the firearm is verified unloaded and safe, the slide will need to be open far enough to place the .32 round face down to hold the slide open in that position. The magazine will need to be seated in the gun. At that point, the punch tool will be used to push a detent hole located in the rear serrations on the slide. Once the detent is pushed, the slide will unlock from the frame by pulling up on it. There is no need to pull the trigger. Simply remove the slide from the frame. The frame has the barrel attached and the recoil spring is located between the barrel and frame. To perform a complete disassemble, one would remove the left side grip to expose the entire firing components.

To reassemble, simply place the recoil spring in it’s position under the barrel and align the slide to the barrel. The slide will need to be pulled even to the frame and by pulling the trigger about half way, the slide will push down into place. There is no need to use the punch tool for reassembly.


When I took the Seecamp LWS .32 to the range I was impressed at how smooth it shot. I originally thought that a pistol this small and light would have a bit of a “punch back” when firing but the opposite was true. It was an easy shooting gun that was comfortable and easy to handle. The reliability was excellent. I went through a box of 60 grain PMC bronze without and type of failure. Some of the “micro” pistols I have shot in the past compromised reliability for the small size of the design. Not the Seecamp. It functioned excellent and offered the reliability that I would need to feel confident when carrying this gun. I will continue to put rounds down range to increase the assurance needed however at this point I have to say, I’m impressed.

Overall, the Seecamp LWS .32 is a quality made pistol that I enjoy in my collection. I consider it the “ultimate pocket carry” handgun due to it’s small size and weight however it is large on quality and craftsmanship. The pistol offers several qualities that people are looking for in a quality handgun.

The size, function and ease of carry makes this little pistol so enticing. Not to mention, the all stainless body creates an attractive pistol that is worthy of showing off. Most important, I found the Seecamp LWS .32 to be reliable for the concealed carrier. If you are looking for a deep conceal pistol that will suit all types of clothing situations, the Seecamp models are for you.

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