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Armed Restaurant Employee Shoots And Kills Masked Armed Robber

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA — In the middle of the dinner rush at Captain Max’s Seafood, a masked armed robber entered the restaurant.  While Miramar police are still investigating the scene, it appears some amount of words were exchanged before a restaurant employee opened fire on the would-be robber, killing him.  According to NBC-6, police are not revealing the name of the suspect or the employee who killed him until the investigation is complete.

The restaurant was shut down while police sought a warrant to search the premises and a medical examiner was scheduled to appear before the body was removed.  No other patrons or employees were harmed and the situation appears resolved.

In witness testimony made to NBC, stylists from a hair salon across the street said a man had shown up in their shop “acting shady”.  He appeared to be looking for cameras to make sure he wasn’t being recorded and seemed keen on observing the seafood restaurant across the street.

The stylists apparently asked him to leave and not long after, the botched attempted robbery took place.

Criminals are going to have to figure for one more thing when working out their robbery schemes: other people with guns equally capable of stopping them.

Armed criminals who head inside restaurants looking to sack the place, are not altogether interested in our well-being or anyone else’s.  That’s the “fear of force” factor they depend upon.  You don’t want to jeopardize the lives of your family so you’ll comply with their illegal request.  Heck, they may even decide “good enough” isn’t good enough.

Well, they best get to planning their future heists in the Miramar area with one less crook.

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