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Pair of Thugs Attempt Home Invasion, One Leaves in Body Bag, and the Other Has to Answer

LAKE CHARLES, LA — In a home invasion that went south in Lake Charles, Louisiana, it was very quickly made clear that the home invaders were not going to making any money or doing any harm that day.

Thanks to their idiotic call, one man lost his life, and the other is being held responsible for it.

As the American Press reports:

Isaiah Williams, 23, of Lake Charles and his partner kicked in the back door of a residence at 603 Madeline St. at about 11 a.m., Lt. Kevin Kirkum said… the resident shot Williams, who was found in the hall and later died while being treated in a local hospital. The resident wasn’t hurt.

He said a second suspect was seen fleeing north on Common Street. The man was wearing black jeans, a white T-shirt and a gray hood(ie)… Holly Holland, spokeswoman for Calcasieu Parish schools, said Henry Heights Elementary and LaGrange High were placed under “precautionary exterior lockdowns” that morning…

Lake Charles Police identified 21-year-old Freddie Dequan Vezia as the suspect that ran from the scene of the shooting. He was arrested at 1:44 a.m. at 2506 Stanton St., and charged with 1 count of 2nd degree murder and 1 count of home invasion. His bond was set $800,000.

It is interesting to note that Vezia is being charged with the murder — this is not the case in all states, but in many areas if someone dies in the commission of a crime, an accomplice can be charged as the murderer, and they often are.

It’s pretty brutal, but it’s a fantastic deterrent, at least in theory. If someone were aware of the law and still wanted to commit a crime, they’d need to have supreme confidence not only in their own ability to be cool under pressure, but their friend’s, too.

Criminals, surprisingly enough, are not always the most trusting individuals. Crazy, right?

It’s a tactic that, hopefully, will scare the daylights out of potential committers of violent crime for the exact same reason we see in this story: it doesn’t pay, but the criminals will.

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