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Robber Dead After Exchanging Shots With Clerk Who Had Better Aim

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — Two armed robbers tried to knock off a Jiffy Food store in Fresno when they realized too late that pointing guns at the clerk wasn’t a good idea. Fresno deputies confirm they’ve identified the body of 17-year-old Isaac Garcia who was recovered at the scene of the crime with a gun in his hand. His accomplice, described in his early 20s, managed to escape and evade police capture.

Once the clerk saw the two men enter and point guns at him, he got his own handgun. A robber beat him to the punch and opened fire first — but missed. Good thing the clerk didn’t. Immediately after exchanging fire, the Fresno Bee confirms that both robbers escaped the store. Garcia must have been hit and just not known it until he was steps outside the entrance, where he collapsed and succumbed to his wound.

Fresno deputies are still on the look-out for the accomplice but are depending upon the public and surveillance footage to substantiate any claims.

This is another ‘Guns Saving Lives’ story involving the same predictable dumb-dumb behavior from young men who think they want to be thugs.

A teenage kid with a bit too much to prove decides to try his luck with a stolen firearm and it doesn’t work out. The sad thing is it’s not California’s hyper-restrictive gun laws to blame — it’s who ever put that fool idea inside Garcia’s noggin. And that guy apparently got away to spill more idiocy into the ears of others.

We’re seeing this more and more from the stories we’ve been reviewing. The age of these wannabe thugs touting stolen firearms is getting lesser and lesser. No concealed carrier goes out looking to shoot anyone. Defending one’s life, family, and property comes first and foremost.

One thing this upcoming generation of entrepreneuring criminals may not realize is that people are increasingly having to harden their hearts to the reality that their potential, future opponent may not be some quintessential paper target bad guy. He may in fact be something they don’t want to ever have to deal with: a misguided child with a stolen, illegal gun.

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