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A Man Tried To Rob A Concealed Carrier. Keyword Here Is *Try*

BEAUMONT, TEXAS — A robber looking to hit an easy mark picked the wrong guy stepping out of a Mexican restaurant in Beaumont, Texas. According to Beaumont Police, the target happened to be legally licensed to carry a concealed handgun and used it to open fire on the man attempting to rob him. The suspect was taken to the hospital and listed in critical trauma with a bullet wound to his abdomen. Beaumont Police say the concealed carrier did nothing wrong.

As Fox 4 Beaumont reports, the event happened around 10:30 pm outside Taqueria El Paraiso. Little else is known about the case other than the good guy survived and the bad guy is going to jail after he gets out of the hospital. It’s just a friendly reminder that being prepared at all hours of the day, especially after going out to a restaurant, is important.

We just reported on a similar incident that happened in St. Louis, Missouri, when a man stepped out of a diner to get into his truck. In this case, it was an attempted carjacking but the result is the same: a good guy being threatened with deadly force or perceiving a direct threat to his own life and property may use the same amount of force in his defense.

In Texas, it’s called stopping a violent felony in progress. In St. Louis, it’s probably just called a day that ends in “day”. Whatever your state decides to call it, nearly every state allows the use of force given certain circumstances.

When you perceive a direct threat against yourself, your family, your property, and your home, you have an inalienable right to defend yourself accordingly.

This concealed carrier got it. And hopefully we will too should that time come. In the meantime, maintain situational awareness, practice regularly, and carry your concealed handgun every day.

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