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Trump: Bump Stocks Will Be Banned

By WASR [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

President Trump on Monday, during a press conference in the Rose Garden, hinted that bump stocks would be banned soon, and that the final stages for completing this procedure should be wrapped up in the coming weeks.

This press conference came one year after the Las Vegas shooting which claimed 58 lives and wounded over 400 (over 800 if you count non-firearm related injuries).

“In order to eliminate — terminate — bump stocks, we have to go through procedure. We are now at the final stages of that procedure,” he said. “We are knocking out bump stocks. I have told the (National Rifle Association) — bump stocks are gone. But to do that, you have to go to public hearings, which we have had. You have to go through all sorts of regulatory control systems.”

I have no guess as to how many bump stocks are currently owned in the US, but I can imagine that the number is incredibly high, especially after the tragic incident in Las Vegas. In the aftermath, there was a run for the devices, and many paid much higher prices as a result.

If the ban does go into effect, I have a hard time believing that the majority of people are going to give them up.

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