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Officer Has ND In Store While Trying On Concealed Carry Shirt

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA — A corrections officer was trying on a tactical concealed carry shirt at Gander Mountain when he allegedly had a negligent discharge.

According to the Warren Times Observer, the officer was attempting to see how his concealed carry pistol would fit in the shirt.  During this time, it’s believed that his finger managed to drop by the trigger, causing a round to penetrate through the shirt and into the bench.  The officer then abandoned the items in the dressing room and fled the scene.  Police have charged him with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.  The local prosecutors say he was suspended from his job without pay pending the final results of the investigation.

This is a classic dumb-dumb mess-up. Thankfully, the officer was not hurt and no one else was injured. Having control over the trigger at all times is absolutely essential for responsible concealed carry practices.  A tactical concealed carry shirt is usually a tight-fitted shirt that has a pocket either under the armpit or similarly located.  It’s probably an okay way to store a handgun but the preferable method is with a high retention holster that protects the trigger housing group.  That said, it’s more than likely this guy touched the trigger and that’s what set off the gun.  While people will argue all day in court that the “gun went off on its own” — a negligent discharge is a negligent discharge is a negligent discharge.

Learn from other people’s mistakes and don’t let this happen to you: keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

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