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One thing I have always appreciated from The Kahr Firearms Group was their ability to offer their customers products that were in high demand.

The three companies in the Kahr Firearms Group are Kahr Arms, Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance. I am fortunate enough to have a vast amount of experience with firearms from each of these companies. I own several firearms from Kahr and Magnum Research. They have proven to be creative and innovative while maintaining their excellent aesthetics and reliable firearms by offering many of the finest guns in today’s market.

For the past five years, my everyday concealed carry handgun has been the Kahr CM9. The Kahr CM9 is a small and light handgun that is reliable and comfortable to carry. When I first learned of it’s release, I rushed to my local gun store to purchase CM9 because I was excited that Kahr was offering a handgun with the size of a PM9 for much less money. Kahr’s “C” model handguns are considered their “value series” which have fewer “extras” but remain having excellent craftsmanship. I have seen the CM9 priced in the mid $300s on various sites. That is an incredible price for a handgun of this quality and after five years of carrying it, I can honestly say, I trust my life with the Kahr CM9.


Caliber: 9mm Capacity: 6+1 Operation: Double Action
Barrel: 3” Conventional Rifling Length: 5.42”
Height: 4”
Width: .90”
Weight: Pistol 14 ozs. Magazine 1.9 ozs Grips: Textured Polymer
Sights: Drift Adjustable Bar­Dot
Finish: Black Polymer Frame, Matte Stainless Steel Slide

The size and weight of the Kahr CM9 is incredible. It is the smallest single stack 9mm I’ve ever held as it only weighs 19.25 ounces loaded with six rounds. I do not know of any other subcompact 9mm handgun, of this quality and reliability, as small and light as Kahr’s PM/CM9. It actually feels like one of those micro .380s however, this is a smooth shooting 9mm in an extremely light package. Carrying the polymer framed Kahr CM9 has been outstanding. I wear it in a kydex multi­holster at the 4 o’clock position with a decent gun belt making it feel hardly noticeable. I keep a spare seven round magazine in the pocket giving me the confidence needed to encounter a defensive situation.


The grip is amazingly thin which was one of the initial features I was looking for in a concealed carry handgun. It has heavy stippling on the front and rear of the grip which is firm and comfortable while offering a two finger grip. The magazines are single stack consisting of corrosive resistant stainless steel. They are very light with a heavy spring which deploy the rounds quickly for fast shooting. There are larger capacity magazines available which allow for a full three finger grip and Kahr handguns also share magazines from their larger models.


Over the years, I have come to truly enjoy Kahr’s double action trigger. It is all metal with a very smooth pull. Upon firing, it resets to almost full position and follow up shoots are quick due to the smooth travel and crisp break. The trigger measures approximately 6 lbs and I find the overall mechanics of it excellent. It doesn’t matter if the Kahr handgun is a “premium” model or a “value” series, the trigger pull is consistently the same with all of their handguns. I own both a Kahr CW 380 and a PM45 and both of the triggers are the same. The advantage to that allows me to train with either handgun and expect the exact same trigger pull. Kahr will soon be offering their “Gen 2” models that offers many additional features including a reduced trigger travel by 30%. Be sure to watch for my review as soon as the Kahr Gen 2 models are released.


The Kahr slide is a stainless steel, matte finished slide that is machined from stainless steel bar stock. It has snag free smooth edges and deep serrations for a firm grip when loading the gun. The CM9 slide width is .90 inches which is slimmest profile I have experienced in a subcompact 9mm handgun making it a preferred carry choice. The dual recoil spring is heavier than many other small frame pistols on the market. A heavier recoil spring creates less felt recoil when shooting which makes the gun more pleasant to shoot for extended periods of times.


Kahr CM9 uses a bar­dot sight system that works fine. The front dot lines up well with the rear bar for accurate shooting. The rear sight is drift adjustable and cut to offer very little play between the rear and front dot and this system has served me well through the years. Kahr also offers various night sight options on their website.


To field strip the Kahr CM9, remove the magazine and assure the gun is unloaded. Observe a slight line marking on the forend of the slide and another near the forend of the frame. The slide will need to be pulled back approximately a half inch for the markings to line up. At that point, with the base plate of the magazine, push the opposite side of the slide stop and pull the slide stop pin out of the frame. Then by pulling the trigger, the slide will release from the frame. The dual recoil spring is uncaptured and very tight so one must be careful to hold it tight when removing the recoil spring and stainless steel guide rod. The barrel will easily drop out completing the process. To reassemble the gun, simply perform the same process in reverse order.


Overall, I have to say the Kahr CM9 has served me well throughout the five years I have been carrying it. It has been reliable, accurate and excellent to carry. The lightweight and slim profile design allows the user to carry it in various positions. I prefer using a kydex holster and carrying on the hip however other people use it for pocket or ankle carry. Whichever the carry preference, I believe the Kahr PM/CM 9 is an excellent handgun to suit the defense needs of the concealed carrier.


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