‘It Was A Mistake’ Doesn’t Cut It: Former UNC Board Chair Gets Stopped By TSA For Firearm In Carry-On

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — An attorney and former UNC board chair member was caught with a concealed carry pistol in his carry-on item at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT).  According to authorities, the loaded .380 ACP pistol was found in his briefcase when it went through the scanner.  It was an unfortunate event to which the attorney took full responsibility immediately in a press release to WBTV.

“I took my wife and three adult children to a gun range Sunday for private classes necessary for them to obtain concealed weapons permits,” Fennebresque said. “Because I have a concealed carry permit, I brought four handguns in my briefcase for them to use at the range. I removed the guns from the briefcase and put them back in my gun safe when I returned home, but unwittingly missed one.”

If you have ever been in the position of turning your exercise bag or duffle into your range bag, you know the anxiety of packing for a trip.  There’s not a single flight I get on that I don’t check my carry on for brass or live rounds left in there.  It’s such an easy oversight.  This guy, however, got tagged for a handgun.

We’re not saying this is an understandable mistake or anything of the sort — but it is something that happens a lot in the concealed carry community.  According to the TSA, they capture an average of six firearms a day in airport screening areas.  That’s insane!  Especially because with each of those firearms confiscated, not only do you have to go through a lengthy (and expensive) process of getting them back, you’re usually charged with some sort of crime when it happens.

As for this attorney, he was charged with possession of a firearm on city property according to WBTV.  That’s a misdemeanor in the state of North Carolina — so chances are good he may not loose his concealed carry license.

His heart definitely appeared to be in the right place with taking responsibility for the incident and also trying to train up his family so they could get their concealed carry permits.  The man had the right intention and just happened to have a ridiculous bit of oversight.

This is something that we have to harp on a lot because it’s so very important that we, as concealed carriers, don’t let this same mistake happen to us.

Here’s a few easy ways to ensure this never happens:

  • Designate a range bag for guns and ammunition.
  • Designate your briefcase, favorite camping backpack, and all other potential carry-on luggage as “no guns or ammo”.

It may be annoying but just by segregating the bags you carry guns and ammunition in from the ones you travel with can save you ever having to worry about a handgun or ammunition getting found by TSA gate screeners.

In addition to that, it’s always a good idea to inspect your luggage just in case.  It’s so easy for a single round to escape our attention.

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