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Pair Of Concealed Carriers Thwart Armed Robbers In Barbershop, Saving Lives

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — Two licensed concealed carry permit holders turned the tables on two armed thugs who barged into a barber shop wearing masks Friday night, demanding money from everyone inside.

Along with children, the frightened patrons began handing over valuables to the loner thugs.

At the right opportunity, two legally armed citizens, who were in the barber shop at the time, opened fire at the two armed suspects. One of those suspects was hit and was later arrested by police just feet outside the shop’s front doors. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

The other suspect has not been found, but could have been injured by gunfire from our legally armed citizens.

No victims were injured.

This is a textbook case of good guys with guns successfully stopping bad guys with guns. There’s nothing like teamwork!

To the suspect still on the run, it’s time to give up the thug life and get a real job. Next time, you may not be so lucky.

Editor’s Note: The original article incorrectly specified the location as COLUMBUS, OHIO. It has been corrected to show COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA.

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