Hospital Security Guard Assaulted With Own Taser, Forced To Shoot Attacker


LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA — A security officer was forced to shoot an attacker who gained access to his taser over the course of an early morning altercation.  Lynchburg police have concluded that the security officer, a private civilian hired by a private company, is not implicated with any crimes surrounding the lawful defensive gun use against Jonathan Warner, 28, who allegedly attacked him with a taser.  According to News Advance, no motives are known for the attack but when Warner was shot, another coworker attested to the fact that his colleague was in the midst of being attacked.

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“Investigative findings indicate Warner attacked security officer Wes Gillespie while in the Dillard Building,” according to the news release.

The attack occurred a little after 4:30 am according to police reports.  This is a clear indication assaults can occur any time, any place, and in any capacity.  A lot of concealed carriers find employment in private security due to the decent entry-level pay and consistent scheduling but being a private security officer has its own inherent dangers as often you’re held at a higher level of scrutiny in the event of a security threat.

Private companies often employ security guards to help keep places like hospitals, schools, and businesses safe during working hours.  As Lynchburg Hospital has a 24-hour emergency room, there are all manner of patients who arrive in the early hours of the morning seeking care.  It may be impossible to know until the court proceedings but it is a reminder that defensive gun use doesn’t disappear at the range.  The ability to negotiate your own personal space in the midst of an ongoing attack is imperative when a fight is in close quarters.  Unlike private civilians, who are under far less scrutiny, a security officer likely has to employ other means to give himself distance and engage the threat.

For those of you concealed carriers who double as security personnel — be safe out there and, when in doubt, work in a buddy system to keep potential attackers at distance.  Situational awareness is a skill we all need to constantly hone.

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