Improving Those Lame Factory Sights For Pennies

By DefensiveDaddy via Growing Up Guns

The factory sights that come on most pistols (especially little guns) are pretty difficult to see. They’re usually small and black and acquiring the front sight during the presentation can be difficult. You also might be vetting a new pistol purchase, and before dropping $70-$150 on a set of new sights you can cheaply get easier to see sights.

$6 gets you fluorescent hobby paint and tiny brushes at a hobby store. I also purchased some white Nail polish at the dollar store.

This can also be accomplished with florescent tape with clear coat nail polish on the edges to keep it from peeling.

Reapply as needed.

$6 for enough supplies to paint all of your guns, all your friend’s guns, and your future grandchildren’s guns..


Put down a few layers of white nail polish.


Dab some hobby paint on the front sight. It took two or three coats.


The Beretta PX4’s sight pictures is much improved.


J-frame. Paint the whole ramp white, then only paint the portion you see looking through the sights the preferred color.



The LCP (gen1) also has terrible sights.


It doesn’t look like a big difference, but trust me it’s way better.

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