Armed Robbers Show Up Demanding Money And Drugs — One Leaves In A Bag


MERRITT, NORTH CAROLINA — An armed home invader was shot and killed following an armed incursion on a homeowner and his party.  The Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office was called in by a 911 call in vicinity of 3 am after reports of an armed criminal being shot and killed following the botched raid.  Sheriff’s deputies, speaking to WNCN, said that three armed robbers arrived to a residence with five people inside.  When they arrived, they demanded drugs and money.  The homeowner, keen on offering neither, shot and killed one of the intruders.  The remaining two then hopped into a dark blue Chrysler and sped off from the area.

They left their accomplice to die.  Shows real gang loyalty, right?

While the State Bureau of Investigation and the Pamlico County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate this matter, the homeowner was not held on any charges for his actions.

Pamlico County is located along the coastal area of North Carolina, approximately two hours outside Raleigh, the state capitol.

There’s plenty suspicious about the case — namely the armed robbers having suspicion that drugs could be obtained at the residence — but ultimately, the homeowner was certainly justified in using deadly force.

This is going to be one of those matters that are ultimately left up to investigators as from a gun owner’s standpoint, the case is open-and-shut.

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