World’s Smallest 10mm Pocket Rocket – Bond Arms Brings In .41 Cal Conversion Kit


The 10mm round was created out of a need specified for a round to be used by FBI agents with more “stopping power” than the 9mm.  In initial tests of the .40 S&W, the 10mm, and the 45 ACP – the 10mm took the cake back in 1983.  However, due to some unknown logic, it largely evaporated from the marketplace.

Despite the FBI’s dominant reliance on 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP – some FBI special units use the 10mm in a version of the MP5.

Only recently has there been a resurgence in the infamous .41 caliber round as several firearms manufacturers have brought it back into the limelight.

One of the biggest offsets of this round is its cost.  Because production is limited due to market demand, the round is cost prohibitive in comparison to the similarly sized .40 S&W.

The American Rifleman’s B. Gil Horman recently reviewed Bonds Arms’ conversion kit for their 10mm rimless fire pocket pistol.  In fact, it may have the distinct privilege of being the tiniest 10mm pistol in existence.  Using a Cowboy Defender frame and a custom 3″ Bond Arms 10mm barrel, the user can quickly assemble the device to form a pistol capable of holding two 10mm rounds.

In its shortest configuration, the entire assembly only occupies 5.5″ in length, less than inch wide, and 3.7″ tall.  With a manual extractor and optional rubberized grips, it’s certainly a stout setup for close-to-short range self-defense encounters.

From the preliminary bench tests done by The American Rifleman, the Bond Arms 10mm pistol is not extremely accurate past 7 yards (21 feet) so targets would have to be dependably close for it to have an impact.  However, at 20 feet, the muzzle velocity was measured to be quite high with a 165 grain 10mm round.

With only two shots before reloading, however, you ought depend on making an impact if you plan to use this for self-defense.

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