Robber Turns Himself In At The ER After Being Shot By Home Occupant — Part Of A String Of Violent Robberies


SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE — Authorities are investigating for possible links between Dre’An Witherspoon and a series of violent home invasions and robberies targeting Hispanic households in the area.  Witherspoon was admitted to the emergency room with a non-life threatening gunshot wound following what is believed to be an exchange of gunfire with a resident of a house him and his accomplices intended to rob.

As the Tennessean reported, the violent encounter took place late at night when the head of the household heard a knock on his door.  The 55 year old man readied himself with a firearm and opened the door – revealing Witherspoon and two accomplices who were similarly armed.  According to the Tennessean, all three opened fire.  Inside the home were five people – including a 7-year old.

The head of the household successfully returned fire, striking Witherspoon before he fled.  Witherspoon was then forced to seek medical assistance at a nearby hospital where is was identified by the occupant.

Springfield police are investigating a possible connection between Witherspoon and a seemingly related series of violent robberies which have taken place in the area — all purportedly targeting Hispanic people and households.

The Tennessean recalled two similar incidents which occurred over a month ago, involving the force entry and violent assault with firearms that left two occupants in two separate incidents wounded.

“We believe this incident is tied to all of the others,” Springfield Police Chief David Thompson said. “This is the first incident we’ve had in about a month, and we’re working on some details that will hopefully help us put some of the pieces together.”

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