Concealed Carrier Stops Cigarette Thieves In Progress, They Just Leave And Rob A Different Store

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — There are very few things that I’ll draw my firearm for, and people stealing cigarettes is not one of them. A number of Walgreens stores in the northern Chicago area have come under attack by a pair of criminals who have been stealing hoards of cigarettes.

During one of these incidents, a concealed carrier happened to be in the store at the time of the heist and decided to get involved.

Police went to the Walgreens at 641 North Clark in River North around 8:30 p.m. on October 14 after two men hopped the front counter, confronted a manager, and began collecting cigarettes. But a concealed carry holder interrupted the theft, and the duo ran away.

But they must not have been too scared. According to a CPD report, they struck again 30 minutes later at Walgreens’ 834 West Armitage location in Lincoln Park. Once again, they forced their way over the counter and stole tobacco products.

via cwbchicago.com

There was no word as to whether or not the duo had weapons, but it seems from a previous article that they have been armed in the past. Let’s assume that they were armed in this case as well, but it’s still a difficult call to get involved as a third party.

If they’re actively threatening someone with a firearm, that can cause a different response. If they’ve hopped the counter and are filling bags with cigarettes, I just can’t see myself risking my life for this. This could have easily turned into bullets flying in both directions and as USA Carry points out, you’d be outnumbered in this case.

In the majority of instances like this, I’d likely pass on getting involved with my firearm.

What about you?

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