Concealed Carrier Dies After Holstering His Firearm; Don’t Let This Happen To You

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — A 22-year-old man died Friday morning after having a negligent discharge the night before while trying to holster his firearm.

That man, Timothy B. Phonisay, was apparently posing with his firearm when it discharged as he tried to holster. The bullet went into his right groin area and struck his femoral artery.

He was taken to the hospital for surgery, but later died from his injuries.

The pistol, a .45-caliber Springfield, was purchased about three months ago. Phonisay also possessed his concealed carry permit.

I hate to point fingers with such a recent news story of a tragic event like this, but it’s a learning opportunity and method of possibly saving another life in the future.

When something like this comes across my desk, I sigh and shake my head because it’s something that can easily be avoidable if people maintained responsibility with their firearms at all times.

If you choose to own a firearm and carry it, you are solely responsible for the way you handle that firearm. Training needs to occur, practicing needs to happen. If you’re new to the holster life, holstering and drawing your firearm should be practiced with an unloaded firearm until you are comfortable with your actions.

As well, using proper gear is essential, such as a properly molded holster for your specific firearm. If you use a cheap, generic holster, you may pay the consequences.

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