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Another Domino’s Delivery Driver Defies “No Guns” Policy, And It Saves His Life

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA — Because of an act of defiance against Domino’s Pizza’s “No Guns” policy for it’s delivery drivers, one of their drivers is alive to tell his tale.

According to police, the delivery driver was returning to the store when he was approached by two armed men who attempted to rob him. That’s when the driver, identified as Slayde Henry, 24, drew his firearm and fired at both men. One of the men was killed and the other took off.

Henry was not injured.

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It’s well known in our world that Domino’s is a designated “gun free zone”, meaning their employees aren’t allowed to carry firearms on the job.

Domino’s corporate spokesman Tim McIntyre released a statement Wednesday afternoon.

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“As do all national pizza delivery companies, we do have a no-weapons policy at our company-owned stores,” he wrote in an email.

In an article covering this same story, Breibart.com recounts an earlier report that they put together, outlining the number of delivery drivers who have been injured or killed while on the job under their employer’s ‘gun free zone’.

On February 11, Breitbart News reported that at least eight Domino’s drivers had been shot–three of those killed–since the start of 2012. And these figures do not include the number of drivers who were beaten at gunpoint and locked in the trunks of their own carsduring this same time period.

Nor do they include the horrific February 8 armed attack on a female driver in California, who was forced to drive to another location before allegedly being raped and robbed.

Still, Domino’s refuses to change their policy that bans employees from carrying. We’ll be watching to see if Henry is able to keep his job, or if he is let go for not obeying their firearms policy.

Regardless, Henry is alive today thanks in part to his firearm, quick thinking, and his determination to keep himself safe. Even if it meant disobeying a bogus rule.

Your Life > Your Job

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