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Home Invasion Caught On Security Cameras, People In Area See Spike In Crime And Are Beginning To Arm Themselves

UPDATE: One of the intruders, a 17-year-old, turned himself into police Wednesday and told them that he was one of the two suspects involved. He was booked and sent to a juvenile detention center. The other suspect has not been caught.

A pair of home intruders were caught on multiple security cameras going through the home while carrying large knives. As they make their way upstairs, they hear people in a closet. Those people, two women and a child, were hiding from the intruders while on the phone with police.

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The thugs go on the attack and begin to try and kick the door down. What must have been an extremely terrifying time for the women and child, the thugs only left when they realized that police were on the way.

Nothing was stolen from the home, and no one was injured.

This particular home had their cameras installed after their first home invasion.

The pair is still on the loose, although the cameras provide some nice images of their faces, so hopefully someone will recognize them.

Crime has seen a spike in this particular area of San Jose, and residents are starting to notice. They’re also starting to take their safety seriously by investing in firearms for self-defense.

If those kids were in my home, I’d be having a hell of a time cleaning up the carpets.

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