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[PRODUCT REVIEW] GTUL and STUL: Tools To Help Make Your Life Easier With Your Glocks

Once in a while, I come across a product (in this case, two products) that really stand out. So simple, yet fill a large market.

Here’s the quick story on how I even found out about these products.

I was at my chiropractor for my usual bi-weekly appointment. I have a back that doesn’t always agree with me, and he’s done wonders to ease the pain and straighten things out. During this visit, while the adjustment was happening, he notices the Concealed Nation logo on my hoodie and asks, “Brandon, do you carry?”

I laughed a little, and we wound up talking about concealed carry and firearms for the next 20 minutes. He brought up a website after saying, “You need to see my buddy’s products. You’d love them, I just know it.”

He sold me on these products in the first few minutes. As soon as I understood what they did, I realized that the market was huge. Heck, Glock should include these tools with each pistol they ship.

Long story short, my chiropractor put me in touch with his friend, he shipped out some units, and here we are. I’m excited to share these products with you.



The GTUL is a simple, yet extremely effective piece of plastic that helps remove the base plate off of any Glock with ease. It works by wrapping around the base of the magazine and allowing you to easily squeeze the tool which will press in the two tabs on the sides. This allows a nice, smooth removal of the base plate.

ScreenHunter_397 Apr. 07 21.46

The video at the top of this review gives great detail with the proper usage of the GTUL. It’s simple, effective, and you’re sure to love it and use it for years.

Brush and Punch

With your GTUL combo pack comes a GTUL, as well as a brush/punch combo that makes two things better: Removing the base plate, and cleaning the inside of your magazine.

With the punch, it mimics the original Glock tool that you would use to remove the base plate of your magazine. However with this setup, it’s integrated right into the handle of the brush.

ScreenHunter_399 Apr. 07 21.56

Because lint, dirt, debris, dust and other things can accumulate inside your magazine, it’s good practice to regularly clean them out. If you use the same magazine with your carry setup on a regular basis, for example, you should notice some accumulation of these things if you were to take your magazine apart. Better safe than sorry, and it’s a quick and easy part of the maintenance process.




This tool, called the STUL, is made for people who have trouble taking down a Glock. That take-down lever can be tricky at times, especially for people who have small hands, arthritic hands, the elderly, and many others. With this tool, it makes pulling down the lever a breeze with hardly any force.

Below is a screenshot from the demonstration video that shows the placement of the STUL. From there, you simply pull down. It’s as simple as that.

ScreenHunter_398 Apr. 07 21.51


As you can tell by now, I love these things. They’re simple and easy to use, and will help anyone who gets their hands on them. It’s great ideas like these that get more and more people into firearms. My mother was turned off to many Glocks because she had trouble taking them down. With the STUL, that changed quickly. This is likely one of many success stories that these tools have created.

Website: http://www.mygtul.com/

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