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Home Invader Kicks In Back Door, Is Fatally Shot Seconds Later


VANCOUVER, OREGON — The neighbors said it has been a quiet neighborhood, but things have started to get bad. They said some of the bad guys are getting more brazen. The homeowner responsible for the shooting was prepared for the worst, and the worst had just kicked down his door.

Vancouver PD responded to what they believe was a burglary around 10:20 p.m. in the River View Neighborhood along Southeast Beach Drive. Police said the suspect kicked in a back door and was inside the home when they were confronted by the homeowner, who had a gun.

The burglar charged the homeowner, who fired and shot the suspect. The suspect ran outside and collapsed. When authorities arrived the suspect was already dead.

The homeowner and his family were not injured.

One woman who lives in the neighborhood said she’s sorry for the tragedy that someone died “for trinkets or whatever. It wasn’t worth it. But I totally support the homeowner’s desire to protect themselves.”

Mike Murphy, who lives nearby, said it seems people are more desperate and brazen these days.

“Homeowners have a right to protect themselves. You can’t just expect to break into somebody’s home and there’s not going to be repercussions to their actions.”


The Breakdown:

The details of the story seem to follow a pretty simple chain of events. Bad guy decides to break into someones house. Bad guy decides to kick in the back door to gain entry. Inside the house is an armed homeowner. Bad guy charges the homeowner; he doesn’t make it. After being shot by the homeowner, the bad guy runs outside and dies on scene.

The Bad:

There really is nothing we can fault the homeowner for. He did everything under the law to defend his home and his life.

The Good:

As we usually mention, kudos to the homeowner for being prepared for this kind of event. Not only did he have a firearm in the house, but he was prepared to use it effectively.

However, let’s also talk about the awesome support the armed citizen is getting from his neighbors. People talk a lot about non-violence and leaving protection up to the police. Then it hits close to home. Suddenly, opinions change.

The neighbors realize that this could have happened to them. The bad guy could have picked their house. They realize the importance of being able to defend their home. After this deadly incident, the neighbors have rallied around the homeowner with full support for what he did. I am sure, after events like this, it is good to know your neighbors are there to support you.

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