Nebraska Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Home Robbery

Yup, it’s another one of those stories that alerts us to the importance of carrying even while we’re at home. A quick trip to the garage can turn into the unexpected in a second.

In the small village of Heartwell, NE, James Kuehn, a community leader, was walking out to his garage in the morning to get ready for vacation. When he tried to open the door, he noticed that something was in the way.

When we went over to investigate, he saw his gun safe laying on the floor along with a man standing over it that he did not know. He also noticed a tow line coming from a pickup truck which was laying near the gun safe.

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Kuehn grabbed the man’s shirt, making the man back up and then falling over the safe. The man pulled out a knife and began to threaten Kuehn. Then, the man leaned into the cab of his truck and pulled out a shotgun. Kuehn immediately recognized the shotgun as his own personal property.

The man, however, was not ready for the next surprise. Kuehn grabbed the shotgun from him and at the same time, drew his concealed carry firearm. That’s all it took to send them man into his truck and down the driveway.

While Kuehn was not injured, the man did get away with five guns and ammunition. Damage was also done to the property and Kuehn’s truck, including a damaged ignition. It is thought that another person had helped during the robbery and tried to hot-wire the truck in the garage.

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