BAD EGG: Florida Pastor Fires Back At Gunman In Church, Both Permit Holders

Pastor Terry Howell of Living Water Fellowship Church in Osceola County FL, exchanged gunfire with Benjamin Parangan Jr., a maintenance worker at the church who had just been let go.

During a meeting between Howell and Parangan, things turned for the worst after Howell had let the man know he was being let go. As soon as the news was broken, Parangan pulled out a handgun and began firing shots at Howell.

Howell, a concealed carry permit holder, drew his own firearm and shot back in self-defense, hitting Parangan multiple times. Howell was not hit.

The worst part about this; Parangan also has had his concealed carry permit, according to deputies. This is an extremely rare occurrence of a ‘bad egg’ permit holder, and is the first example that I have covered since starting Concealed Nation 2 years ago.

Parangan is in the hospital listed in critical condition and is expected to face charges anywhere from aggravated assault to attempted murder.

I’d choose the latter.

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