10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Favorite Concealed Carrier (Or Any Gun Nut)


The holidays are here, and that means that presents are right around the corner! Keeping with the holiday spirit, we have put together a list of great ideas for stocking stuffers that any gun nut will appreciate!

So, pretty much, you can’t go wrong with anything that’s on this list.


1) Ammunition


If there is one single truth in the world, it’s that you can never have too much ammo. Whether you buy someone a box of 500 rounds or a box of 50, they’re sure to be grateful for such an awesome gift! Even if they already have 10,000 rounds of 9mm, they’ll gladly take more.

Our Recommendations:

Freedom Munitions
Underwood Ammo


2) Targets

ScreenHunter_102 Nov. 29 01.05

Another thing that gun lovers can’t have too many of are targets. Whether they’re your typical bulls-eye target or some fancy zombie targets, they’re sure to get used. Help that gun nut in your life practice by shooting some paper.

Our Recommendations:

Zombie Targets
Shoot-N-C 8″ Round Targets


3) Hearing Protection

ScreenHunter_102 Nov. 29 01.06

Protect those ears because once your hearing starts to go, it’s never the same. A quality pair of hearing protection is very important anytime you’re at the range.

Our Recommendations:

Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff
Walker’s Game Ear® Pro Muff Combo


4) Holsters


Any gun owner who carries a firearm will likely have more than one holster for the same firearm. The reason? It’s difficult to find the perfect holster. With the numerous choices out there, it’s also fun to try them out. Keep in mind if you choose this option, it’s a good idea to get a gift certificate so that the person can choose their favorite options for the holster of their choice.

Our Recommendations:

Alien Gear Holsters (Purchase Gift Cards Here)
CrossBreed Holsters


5) Cleaning Supplies

ScreenHunter_102 Nov. 29 01.09

Keeping a clean firearm is essential to ensuring it’s longevity, as well as keeping things safe. Cleaning supplies are another thing that you should have ample stock of. We’ll start the search off easy by recommending a few kits.

Our Recommendations:

Real Avid Gun Boss Universal Cleaning Kit
Hoppe’s Elite Gun Kit


6) Tactical Pen

ScreenHunter_102 Nov. 29 01.10

Not only are these dual purpose, they’re pretty awesome as well. They are easy to carry around, don’t take up a lot of space, and could come in very handy one day.

Our Recommendations:

Uzi Tactical Pens
Gerber Tactical Pen


7) All Faster Than Dialing 911 T-shirt


Alright alright, this one is an obvious plug, but it’s one of our most popular shirts to date! Get one in time for the holidays!

Our Recommendation:

All Faster Than Dialing 911 T-shirt


8) Range Bag


A good range bag is an important part of a gun owner’s collection. Especially for a person who frequents the range, it’s what keeps everything safe and organized.

Our Recommendations:

Midway USA Competition Range Bag
Cabela’s Range Bag


9) Online Concealed Carry Permit Certificate


Growing quickly in popularity, many serious concealed carriers are expanding their permit collection that allows them to carry in numerous states. One of the best options at the moment is the Virginia Concealed Carry Permit that allows non-residents to carry concealed in 28 states. The certificate (link below) is what they’ll get with this option, and is what they will hand in with their permit application to prove that they completed the online course. It’s one of the best gifts you can give!

Our Recommendation:

Virginia Concealed Gift Certificate


10) The Greatest Stocking Stuffer Of All


Since any gun owner always wants more guns, this is a no-brainer for the best stocking stuffer of all! Again, if you choose this route, you’ll want to get a gift card that will allow the receiver to choose what they’d like, as the options are nearly unlimited (and to make sure you keep things legal).

Our Recommendations:

Buds Gun Shop Gift Card
Gander Mountain Gift Card


Well, there you have it! If you’re looking for something for that special gun nut in your life, you’ll hopefully find something on this list that he or she will love. And if not, you can always keep it for yourself 🙂

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