Kentucky Reverend Gives Home Invader Something He Wasn’t Expecting; The Business End Of A Gun To Greet Him At The Door

If you’re armed, you likely aren’t a victim. While the title is a tad misleading, it doesn’t change the fact that a man who was attempting to invade a home got more than he bargained for when the homeowner pulled out his gun.

Reverend Jason James was home alone when he saw an unknown man at his back door. The man was trying to get into the home, and that’s when James dialed 911 and got his gun. He put the phone down after dialing so that 911 could hear what was going on.

“I always have a gun close by. So just by force of habit, I picked it up.”

James waited, and then the man took a few steps into the home. That’s when he was met with the business end of James’ gun, effectively sending the man heading off in the other direction.

While the man was running off, James fired two shots off to the side as a way to scare the man and make sure that he got the point. I can’t say that I would have done the same thing, but looking at the video footage of his property, it doesn’t look like anyone else is around. Whether it was enough to put fear into the man is anyone’s guess, I just have a problem with discharging a firearm if someone is running away.

Had it occurred 10 minutes later, James said that his 6-year-old and wife would have also been in the home. He’s happy they were still out, as he said he didn’t know what he would have done differently if they were at home with him.

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