[VIDEO] 78 Year Old Marine Veteran Robbed at Gunpoint and Punched *WARNING: GRAPHIC*

A 78-year-old was just about finished filling up his tank at a San Bernardino gas station, just outside Los Angeles CA. Without warning, two men approached him from the back and front of his vehicle. While one was pointing a gun at the victim, John Faust, the other threw a cowardly and blindsided punch to the side Faust’s head, knocking him to the ground.

They then rummaged through his pockets and robbed him of anything that he had on him. At the moment that the man closest to the camera throws the punch, my blood boils.

Faust suffered a concussion, broken nose, and other injuries and was in the hospital for four days. He is now recovering at home.

“That guy on the back side of the truck had a gun and told me, ‘Give me your wallet,’” Faust said during an interview at his home Tuesday. “Next thing I know, I’m laying in the driveway.”

This is another example of an unfortunate encounter with a few thugs who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Any blow to the head can be a deadly one, and I for one hope that these two disgraces are found and jailed as soon as possible.

Faust admitted that he was caught off guard by the man who punched him, saying that he didn’t see it coming. We all know it, but I’ll mention it again: Always be aware of your surroundings and practice this every day. It could save your life. I can tell you this: California’s gun control laws certainly won’t help save your life.

[H/T NBC Los Angeles]

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