A firing pin whose tip has been engraved with a laser. When a gun is fired, the pin transfers its numbers onto the primer. Photo: Cheryl Senter for The New York Times

Gun Owners of New York State: Tuesday June 3, 2014 Assembly Bills 3244-A (Microstamping) and 3941-A (Safe Storage) will be acted on


Tuesday June 3, 2014 Assembly Bills 3244-A (Microstamping) and 3941-A (Safe Storage) will be acted on in the Assembly Codes committee. Quick passage is expected through the committee and then the bills will be sent to the floor for a vote. The makeup of the Assembly 107 Democrats versus 43 Republicans means that they should pass very handily despite vigorous debate by the Democratic Caucus.

After passage in the Assembly it will move to the Senate where our only hope to stop this onerous legislation lies in Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ power to stop bills from coming to the floor for a vote. To that end I urge you to call your Senator, urge him to impress upon Senate Majority Skelos your outrage at this Draconian Legislation, the dire consequences to the Gun Owners of New York State and Republican Senate if it is passed.

Please call your Senator!!

Thank you for your assistance in this dire situation.

To find your Senator please go follow this link:http://www.nysenate.gov/senators

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